Below, you'll find answers to questions we get asked the most regarding the Pluribox services. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Are there any registration/sing up or membership fees?
Absolutely not! You will only pay for the services that you use!

How do I verify my identity?
To verify your identity, just go to your personal area and click on "Account" and then click on “Verify Identity”.

Where is Pluribox located?
Pluribox is located in Spain. A strategic location in Europe, where you can receive all your purchases made in European Union online stores, as well as enjoy the thousands of Spanish online stores.

How much does the Pluribox service cost?
You don’t have to pay anything for your packages to be received, stored for up to 30 days, and repacked by us. Those services are FREE! You only have to pay for the Pluribox fee after you’ve selected the products that you want us to send to you, and the shipping method you want. The Pluribox fee for a box up to 1kg is €4.99, for a box greater than 1kg up to 5kg is €7.99, for a box greater than 5kg up to 10kg is €9.99 and for a box greater than 10kg up to 30kg is €12.99. The weight will be calculated considering real weight or volumetric weight, always being charged the heaviest. We also have a lot of free optional services, such as the consolidation of your products (up to 3 received packages per created box), removing invoices and labels, photos of your products, among others. We also offer other paid services, such as bubble wrapping of your products, vacuum-sealed bag packaging, plastic wrap, consolidation for more than 3 packages at the same box, additional photos, among others. But none of the paid services are mandatory. So, you only have to pay the Pluribox fee and the international shipping fee. It’s all simple and without any hidden costs.

Can you ship to my country? To which countries can I forward my box?
The shipping companies can delivery in the majority of countries in the world. However, they cannot offer delivery to some countries. To check if they can ship to your country, please, click the "Pricing" menu and check if your country is available at our list. If you can see the carriers options and their prices, that means that they can ship to your country.

When and how will I have to pay for the shipping of my box?
You will only pay for the service after we've received your products and before we send the package to you. You will have to pay using Paypal, with credit or debit cards.

How quickly will my box be shipped?
After you have paid for your box, we will start to work on it. We usually take between 1 to 5 business days to ship it out. We prepare boxes and ship it out to transportation companies from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 18:00 (Spain time), except holidays. Boxes cannot be shipped the same day they are prepared.

What does the shipping fee include?
The shipping fee includes handling and packaging costs, as well the transportation fee from the Pluribox address to the shipping company in Spain, and also the transportation from the shipping company facility in Spain to your address.

What does the consolidation service consist of and how much does it cost?
The consolidation service can help you save a fair amount of money. The service allows you to send several products to Pluribox, and then you can choose to put all your purchased products in one box. This way, you will only need to pay one international shipping fee and this will save you a lot of money. In addition, if you want, we can also remove the product from its original packaging, for free, which will help make the package smaller and lighter, as well as remove invoices, labels and prices. The consolidation service is free if you consolidate up to 3 packages that were delivered to Pluribox in one box to be shipped to you (it doesn't matter how many products you have in each package). If you need to consolidate more than 3 packages in the same box, you will have to pay €0.99 for each additional package.

Can I ship my box to any address?
No. You must ship your box to your home or work address. If you need to send your box to a third person, your shipment must be previously approved by Pluribox, and you must provide additional documentation of the address and person to whom you are shipping your box. You cannot send your box to other addresses, such as others package forwarders, hotels, among others. To check if we can ship to your country, just click on the “Prices” menu and choose your country, if you can see the options of carriers and their prices, this means that we can ship to your country.

Who is responsible for sending my products?
Pluribox is fully responsible for your product from the moment it was delivered to Pluribox's address in Spain, to the moment your box is handed to the company responsible for the transportation to your address. We only work with serious transportation companies: DHL, UPS, GLS and Correos (Spain). From the moment Pluribox hands your box to the transportation company, the Pluribox service is complete. The transportation company chosen to perform the shipping will be the responsible party for delivering the package to your address. The transportation companies offer a compulsory insurance for your shipment. The value of the compensation is in accordance with international legislation and agreements and will be defined by each transportation company, based on the type of shipping and country of destination. The compulsory insurance has a default maximum compensation defined by the shipment real weight, up to a certain maximum value, not being considered the value of the items. You can also take out the optional insurance that offers a coverage for loss for up to 300 Euros per shipment.

Can I have additional photos or details of my products?
Every time a package arrives, you will receive a free photo of the outside of your package / box, and a free photo of the items that are inside of your package. If you need more photos of a specific item you should request this through your personal area and there will be a service fee of 5 euros (up to 5 extra photos).

What items can't I ship? (prohibited items)
Pluribox services cannot be used to ship any objects or documents whose circulation is prohibited by the applicable national or international laws for reasons of safety, public health, general usage, and the protection of postal services. You should also check with the Customs of the destination country of your box, which items are prohibited or limited.
Items containing any of the products or substances below are prohibited and you are the only one responsible for any loss or damage arising from the shipment of boxes that contains an item that appears on the list of prohibited items or that is prohibited or limited by the destination country.
  • Any kind of illegal/illicit drugs or substances.
  • Stolen/illegally purchased items.
  • Counterfeit products.
  • Oxidant substances.
  • Magnetised products, motors and solid carbon dioxide (dry ice).
  • Any kind of toxic and infectious substances and any kind of chemical, corrosive, radioactive substances.
  • Substances in powdered form.
  • Tobacco, prescription or non-prescription drugs, alcohol, perfumes, alcoholic beverages, medicines, pills, tablets, vitamins, supplements, and any kind of controlled substances.
  • Any kind of lighters and flammable or combustible substances or liquids.
  • Compressed/pressurized gases like aerosol deodorant or hairspray and any type of cylinder or tanks (even empty).
  • Fireworks, explosives, airguns and guns, including parts, ammunition and imitations/replicas.
  • Vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and all related parts.
  • Items prohibited by the International Civil Aviation Organization, law, local government, regulation or state.
  • Batteries. (You CAN send lithium-ion batteries installed in equipment according to packaging instruction, there is a maximum of 4 batteries (UN3481) (=< 20wh) or 2 batteries (=<100wh) per box shipped. You CAN also send Metal lithium batteries installed in equipment according to packaging instruction, there is a maximum of 4 batteries (UN3091) (=<1 gr.) or 2 batteries bigger than this).
  • Any kind of swords, arrows, knives, and any kind of weapons and weapon parts.
  • Any kind of human parts or substances.
  • Any kind of animal (alive or dead) and parts. Also any kind of plants and seeds.
  • Perishable items.
  • Biological samples.
  • Furniture, home appliances and tires.
  • Collection stamps.
  • Lottery tickets.
  • Mobile phone SIM cards.
  • Precious stones, precious metals, items made or cover by precious metals or precious stones, and other objects of great value.
  • Money, coins, cash, checks, currencies, fake coins, credit cards, or cash equivalents of any kind.
  • Passports, driving license, ID, letters and other important documents.
  • Bulky items like chairs, appliances, tires, wheels, automotive vehicle parts, scrap parts, among others.
  • Objects that by their nature or packaging may represent a danger to carriers.
  • Copyright infringing materials.
  • Items that packaging or cover contains text or illustrations that violate fundamental human rights, materials that are pornographic or have an offensive nature/hate propaganda.

Can I send bank cards or bank mail to Pluribox?
No! The address provided by the Pluribox website should only be used by you to sending products. You cannot use it for any other purpose, such as creating bank accounts, credit card accounts, creating websites or registering domains on the Internet, among others. You also do not have authorization to use the address as a business, tax or residence address. If you have any questions, please contact us before sending anything.

How long can you store my products?
We will always store your items 30 days, for free. After 30 days, you will be charged a fee of €1 per day of storage.

Can I buy products shipped from the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla?
These places have different tax regime and therefore need to go through customs procedures. We only receive packages that do not have any pending payment or procedures, so if additional procedures or payment of any fees or taxes are required to receive your order, we will not be able to receive your package.

From which countries can I buy products to be delivered at Pluribox?
We only accept purchases that have been shipped from within the European Union customs area and do not undergo any customs control to be delivered at Pluribox.

Can I send packages without tracking number or letters?
We cannot receive letters on your name. We will only receive packages containing products that were purchased by you. The vast majority of shipping methods in Spain offer shipping tracking and we recommend that you always choose a shipping method that has a tracking number. If the store you are buying from does not offer shipment with a tracking number, please, make sure that the shipping method includes the delivery of the package and not just leave it in the letterbox. Usually, shipments that do not have a tracking number will only be left in the letterbox, which is not accepted by us, and most of the time, it is not possible to leave the package in the letterbox and it must be personally picked up at the post office by the recipient of the order.

Can I get by e-mail the documents and invoices that come with my package?
Yes, you can. You have this option available in your personal account, when you create your box to be shipped to you.

Is there any insurance for my box?
All transportation companies offer a compulsory insurance that covers a low predetermined value per kilogram, up to a certain maximum value, not being considered the real value of the items. You can also choose to take out the optional insurance, which offers coverage of up to 300 Euros in case of loss of your package. The optional insurance can be offered with maximum coverage of up to 100 Euros (for 6 Euros), coverage of up to 200 Euros (for 11 Euros), and coverage of up to 300 Euros (for 15 Euros). Remember that used or second-hand items; food and beverages; glass, porcelain, mirrors, and dishes; musical instruments, any parts or accessories of it; collectibles; commercial samples; containers (including suitcases and luggage); luxuries; tows, trailers or vehicles of any kind (or any part or piece of it); medical prescriptions; marble and other minerals; damaged or returned goods; displays; any kind of fragile item subject to easy damage during transport; and the items prohibited for transportation are not covered by any type of insurance. It is not possible to contract optional insurance in case of shipping by Correos.

How often can I send products or packages to Pluribox?
As often as you want. You just need to go to your personal account and let us know that you bought something that will be delivered to us! Simple and free!

How large can my products be?
The maximum size of a box is limited to 30kg of volumetric weight, calculated as (length × width × height) / 5000. The largest size can’t be over 100cm. Please keep in mind that the box and the protective packaging always adds some size to your product. If you have any questions or need to ship larger boxes, please contact us.

How heavy can my products be?
The maximum net weight of the shipment cannot exceed 300kg. However, for shipments from 30kg to 300kg, the shipment should be made using pallet, with standard sizes of 120cm in length x 120cm in width and maximum height of 160cm. For standard boxes, the maximum weight is 30kg. Please keep in mind that the box and the protective packaging always adds weight to your product. If you have any questions or need to send boxes heavier than 30kg, please contact us.

Will I be notified when my package arrives at Pluribox?
Yes, after your products are registered in our system, you will be notified by email and will be able to see your products in your personal area. Products are usually registered on the same day they arrive. We register products from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 18:00 (Spain time), except holidays.

How can I track my box after it has been shipped to me by Pluribox?
After we deliver your box to the transportation company of your choice, you will be able to verify the tracking number of your shipping, available in your personal account. With this number, you will be able to track your box on the transportation company’s website and know where it is at all times.

How is the shipping fee calculated?
The shipping fee will be calculated according to the destination where it will be sent to, the weight and size of the box, and the type of shipment chosen by you. Please note that to set the prices for international shipping, all carriers work with two weight measures: the net weight of the box, or the volumetric weight (dimensional weight), and they always charge the heaviest one. You can use our shipping simulation tool to check how much the shipping of a product would approximately cost.

What is volumetric weight or dimensional weight?
The volumetric or dimensional weight refers to the volumetric weight of your box based on size rather than the net (real) weight. The carriers always charge the largest of them (net weight or the volumetric weight). The volumetric weight considers that there is 200kg in a cubic meter. So, the volumetric weight is calculated as (length × width × height) / 5000. For example, if you have a box that has 30cmx25cmx20cm, the volumetric weight of it will be 30x25x20/5000= 3kg. You should keep in mind that your items can usually occupy around 60%-80% of the total volume (size) of your box, as it is impossible to make a perfect fit between various items of different formats, and the box and the protective packaging always adds weight and volume to your box.

Will my box be subject to import duties and/or taxes?
Your box could be subject to import duties and / or taxes. Whether you have to pay and how many fees / taxes can incur, depends on the type of product, the country of destination, and the type of shipping you choose. Clearance fees charged by shipping companies, taxes and any other import / export related amount, always have to be paid by you upon reception of the goods in the destination country. You are responsible for filling out the customs declaration form, which must inform correctly the description and the value of all items that will be shipped. Remember that you are the sole party responsible for any kind of duties and / or taxes incurred.

What other FREE services does Pluribox offer?
  • FREE Sign up
  • FREE European address.
  • FREE We will receive unlimited packages on your behalf.
  • FREE Membership.
  • FREE Photos of your products (1 of each product).
  • FREE Consolidation of your packages (up to 3 received packages per created box).
  • FREE Remove and discard invoices and/or receipts.
  • FREE Remove and discard the packaging of products.
  • FREE Remove and discard folders and/or ads.
  • FREE Remove and discard products manuals or documentations that are inside of the packages.
  • FREE Remove and discard product labels.
  • FREE Remove or hide prices on products.

What does Pluribox do to protect my products?
We always care about protecting your products the best way possible. In addition, we offer extra protection services for your products, at low rates, starting from 2 euros, such as packing liquid or creamy products in plastic bags, storing clothes in vacuum-sealed bags, protecting products with bubble wrap, shipping the products in a new box without logos or brands on, and scanning and sending invoices and/or receipts to e-mail addresses.

At what time does Pluribox receive packages, register products, create and ship boxes?
We receive packages, register products, create and ship boxes from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 18:00 (Spain time), except holidays.

What should I do after I buy my products?
You just need to go to your personal account at Pluribox website and let us know that your package will be arriving. We will handle its reception and will let you know as soon as it has arrived.

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